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Avi Greengart is the Research Director for Consumer Devices at Current Analysis. He is also the editor of Home Theater View, a site providing analysis and commentary on home theater and digital entertainment. Avi estimates he spends far more time providing advice and analysis than actually watching movies in his home theater -- these are the sacrifices he makes to make the world safe for popcorn.

Corporate Bio:

Avi Greengart is the Research Director for Consumer Devices at Current Analysis. Greengart is responsible for the Mobile Devices and Digital Home Devices groups, including CurrentCOMPETE (market, company, event, and device competitive analysis) and Wireless Tracking (pricing, promotions, availability, and device feature data and analysis) content.

Greengart and the Mobile Devices staff issue analysis and provide competitive intelligence across the device spectrum both for consumer and enterprise use, in the U.S. and abroad; cell phones have become a converged platform for messaging, computing, and consumer electronics. The focus is on voice-oriented devices and the vendors and carriers who offer them, but coverage extends to devices and initiatives that impact the mobile device landscape as a whole, including mobile operating systems, media players and accessories, Internet tablets and netbooks, digital cameras, portable game devices, removable memory formats, and major chipset developments.

Current Analysis' Wireless Tracking services include data on U.S. handset features, pricing, promotions, and availability that can be accessed online, searched, and graphically trended. The data covers both post-paid and prepaid devices segmented by market. The data is updated regularly, analyzed and summarized by seasoned analysts for quick use, and extends back over several years for more in-depth client research purposes.

Current Analysis’ Digital Home Devices coverage area focuses on consumer electronics designed for entertainment in the home that are connected to network services. This includes set-top boxes (STB), DVRs, video game consoles, media hubs, and Internet-to-TV solutions. PC’s are not covered as a separate category, but are reviewed when sold specifically for consumer service use. As these devices converge and evolve, Current Analysis will evaluate the actions of companies attempting to deliver video, voice and data services to consumers into the home.

Greengart joined Current Analysis in 2004. Prior to Current Analysis, Greengart was a Senior Analyst at JupiterResearch. As the lead wireless analyst, Greengart was responsible for covering wireless handsets, technologies, and applications. He was also responsible for related consumer technologies such as PC peripherals and consumer electronics; while at JupiterResearch, Greengart launched the industry’s first Home Theater research service.

Greengart has also served as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Intel for SMB telephony products, and as Director of Marketing for Flash Creative Management, a boutique database consultancy.

As a leading industry expert, he is frequently sought by publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, CBS News, Newsweek, the BBC, USA Today, MacWorld, and many others. He has been a featured speaker or moderator at numerous conferences, seminars and events including CES, CTIA, Smartphone Summit, and Mobile Entertainment Summit. Greengart maintains a blog on Home Theater (

Greengart graduated from Yeshiva University with a B.A. with honors in English Literature, and attended Seton Hall University toward an M.B.A. His office is in Northern New Jersey and he is available for briefings there or in New York City.