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January 19, 2005


michelle stone

so how long does it take to get screen burn or burn in for plasmas. i am looking at both but would like to know which one is worth the money. kind of like more bang for the buck. i am not looking to give up my first born either. plz get back to me on this.
thank you

Avi Greengart

5/11/06 - This post is showing up at the top of Yahoo! search results, so it's time for an update.

Michelle, most plasma sets today aim to prevent burn-in by moving the image a pixel or two without you noticing, and/or by providing "wipe" modes which put an all-white field on screen in an attempt to flush out the stuck pixels. So burn-in isn't as big an issue with typical use today as it was a few years ago. However, if you leave a plasma on for weeks on end watching CNN, it's still possible to get the logo burnt in, and if you play a video game with static images (the score or health graphics) and just leave that up for a long, long time, you'll have problems, too.

There is one type of "normal" use that could still result in a problem. If you watch only 4:3 material (square, "regular" TV) on a widescreen (rectangular) display, you risk burning in the area you're using (the middle) vs. the areas on the sides. This is the reason why on many plasmas, you simply won't get black bars on either side of the 4:3 image. Instead, many manufacturers put gray bars on either side, which don't look as good, but use the whole panel fairly evenly.

Bottom line: if you buy a modern plasma, watch at least some widescreen programming, and don't leave the TV stuck on with static images for long periods of time, burn-in won't be an issue.


ken dilella

i noticed motion blur while looking at dlp and lcd tv's in circuit city today. they had on a movie with a high speed car chase and the cars had to catch up to the back ground. i also noticed it watching college football at a friends house on a lcd. is this always an issue with lcd and dlp? how about plasma? does it have motion blur as well?


ken dilella

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