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May 29, 2008


Audio Equipment Speakers

Thanks for the great review here. Many people may shy away from these speakers b/c of some of the lack bass and the price. But for what they are (PC speakers) they sound like they would work great. They may not replace your complete system but would work great for listening to some music while working.

Live Event System

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Home Surveillance Systems

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To me, most music I hear in stores, people's homes, whatever, is over-bassed, so this subwoofer, if it's as clean as you say, might really be the ticket. I've read a review elsewhere of this sub paired with the audioengine A2's favorably, and those are the speakers I'm looking at to replace my Fostex sub-sat system. Sounds like this might work! Thanks for the review.

San Diego Podiatrist

It's sounding like reading books on the iPad with the Kindle app is a better experience than with iBooks.

Aperion Speakers

Ehhh having a crappy subwoofer kind of ruins it for me. How were they not aware that it doesn't have enough bass at low levels?? really?

Graco Sprayers

Do you think it's worth it to get the system just without the subwoofer?

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