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February 12, 2009


LCD home projector

The main problem that many people have with Plasma screens is the "burn in" factor. This wasn't sucha big deal until a few years ago when many channels (broadcast or cable) started to have that annoying logo in the corner of the screen. A few hours a day of channel loyalty would earn you that logo etched in to your screen.

Avi Greengart

I think this may be a myth at this point. Most modern plasmas rotate the image a bit to ward off burn in, and they aren't as susceptible to burn in as earlier models to begin with.

wireless speakers

WEll, just like you hvae pointedout, i seem to like LCD Tv more than plasma, i think also that the thought of a new technolgy Tv suits best with LCD more than with plasma.

Steve Gilbert

Based on the above, I would go w/plasma. More bang for the buck. What's your take re the comparison re two other characteristics: power consumption and unit weight? (I'm thinking of a 50" to 55" unit, not that handy when it comes to mounting on the wall).


Steve Gilbert, Teaneck

Avi Greengart

@Steve, the latest plasma TVs are much lighter and consume less power than in the past. Both metrics approach (but don't yet match) LCD. It's pretty easy to do the comparisons on weight; power consumption isn't always available at retail but you should be able to pull that down online.

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